Hey, Who sold us this rope anyways?

Capitalists, Doing the Communists heavy-lifting...

Have you ever met a real Communist? When they are not gaming, drinking Soy-lattes, petting their cat or walking their Mom’s free-loading ankle-biter named Taco; Do you ever see them raising their weak-arms and holding a barely-gripped fist while ranting about the virtues of Communism? No, Not really; The actual Communist these days seems to be a weakly lion-cub waiting to mature & perhaps let out a MEOW…

While we may all remember the anti-Wall Street Occupy movement of yesteryear; that energy has clearly been replaced by more pressing matters. Indeed, why focus on Economics at all, it is a complicated subject with all it's Mathematics, Graphs & special formulas, especially when you can focus on much more simple things such as: Intra-Tribal racial warfare. Things which are much easier to convey, explain and create heightened vitriol, with simply a mere picture, with the Contrast set very HIGH of course.

But I do still hear Capitalists and Republicans ranting about the Communists infiltrating our schools & campuses; And while I have no doubt this is indeed true, it does beg the Question: Why are you even sending your kids to those schools anyways? Seriously, do us all a favor and please stop.

In reality, actual Communists make up a small percentage of the population and they are happy to let the Capitalists manufacture the rope from which they will hang them with. Or as a slovenly fat man once said, parroting his ideological predecessor:

“One of the most ironic things about capitalism is that the capitalist will sell you the rope to hang himself with. Actually they will give you the money to make a movie that makes them look bad, if they believe they can make money off it.”
— Michael Moore

Why how simple it is for the slothful Communist to subvert a society when the Capitalist makes his feast so juicy & tender for him. All one has to do is walk through a Walmart, or surf Facebook or purchase a few things from the Amazon with your Apple or Google phone, or do business with any of these Uber-Industrial Capitalist-Organizations and with your own eyes wide-open bare-witness to what they have done to the Mass-of-Mens Psyches & Souls.

Gawk at what a pathetic creature your Modern-Man has become…

Is it any wonder why one might become a communist-sympathizer after faced with the wretched methods industrial-giants use to prey on unsuspecting little consumers. To be clear, I still live my life by some tiny Capitalist creeds, I would just call them means-of-survival, for I am a Farmer and while I still loathe Communism, I am here merely pointing out how easy the Capitalist has made this job for him.

As I have said before, Capitalism has made Man soft. It has made him weak. It has turned him from, someone who lives their own life, a life contented in their own little village, into someone who aspires to go out & live the lives of others; to emulate the pleasurable marketing material of “the Joneses”.

The Great Red Scare of Today (or is it a Rainbow)
Republicans, and now we can say with a great ironic clown 🤡🌍 world chuckle, Democrats too, have at times preached great vitriol against Mother Russia, As if Russia was the greatest threat to Modern-Mans Family & Livelihood. Perhaps a Red-Scare still lurks deep in the midst of our society, of which I will claim to be naive, But when I look upon the rainbow-streaked faces of the Zucker-bergs, the Gates, the Cooks, the Bezos & the Musks; Whom do I fear more? Russian-Oligarchies? Or the Technocratic-Oligarchies that rule our own culture? Whom has done more to destroy small businesses, destroy our own small communities with never-ending technological growth than those whom control the power of our own people. I can still remember the bustling Main-Streets of my youth, teeming with busy little shops, soon to be replaced by the Amazon’s & Walmart’s in the name of Progress for the People… Where have the small shops of my youth gone? Was all this technology really progress?

Perhaps it was progress and advancement, but for whom?

I do wonder if there is something lurking for us in the mindset of the Russian. For example, Aleksandr Dugin and his Fourth Political Theory. Here is an epub for free. And if you are too lazy to read a book because of what Technology has done to your brain, here is a video about him by my boy Chad Haag. I dare say this Comrade Dugin makes a strong case for a fourth-path, away from the now awkwardly straying wayward Western culture.

I do also say one could make the case that perhaps the enemy of my enemy is indeed my friend! Just imagine what an odd bedfellow Ras-Putin would make; And when I hear an Amish fellow quote the great Russian Tolstoy as he brings me some water for my Goats, I have to ask, does some ancient philosophy of Mother Russia lurk deep in his heart as well?

For out here my Farmer Brethren surely are my kind of people…

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