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Everyone has a job to do. Everyone has a place. Each man has a farm, a family, a wife and his children. Agrarian Neo-feudalism.

Life is happy each day.

As the sun rises and falls each day upon our flock, we remember how life used to be.

Before all this, we had been trapped, like animals, caged in jobs we disliked, housing we disliked, stuck amongst the decay and ruin of our modern time.

We had been taught that our own ancient cultures (some of them at least) are evil and to be derided endlessly to engender never-ending apologia.

Now we feel fulfilled, deeply fulfilled by the nature & culture that surrounds us. Where before we needed things to delight us, now is it experiences which fill our days with wonder.

Seeing a newborn set of twins out in the pasture. Seeing your flock grow and improve with each season before your eyes. Sweating it out with your family by your side.

Join us frens....

What is Agrarian Neo-Feudalism anyways?

We are a revolutionary movement that seeks fulfillment and happiness through close bonds with nature and the world around us.

Who are we?

We are those that seek to reject modernity and embrace intelligent traditionalism.

Specifically this blog was started by a former Silicon Valley engineer who gave it all up to start a Goat Farm in the Mountains.


Kimbal Musk, the brother of Elon Musk, has noted the “extraordinary demand and desire to be a farmer amongst the younger generation.”

Do you not see that what ails our modern world, What separates us from our very nature, is Technology & Modernity itself?

The most telling example: When I meet a young adult and I ask them if Life has improved and become more fulfilling since they have been given the technological-advancement of modern times known as, the smartphone. I always get the same answer.

Ask yourself, Do you feel more or less fulfilled than you did in your youth?

For even more info than I can write, check out someone else’s blog (although he must be a tool for erasing this post of his, to the wayback machine it goes!):

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Just a wholesome guy, growing up in an unwholesome world.


Welcome to the Agrarian Neo-Feudalist Future. Reject Modernity, Embrace Intelligent Traditionalism.